Course Information

This course will help you understand all aspects of the synapse in both the peripheral and central nervous systems of invertebrates and vertebrates (including humans-my favorite vertebrates).

Topics include: Synapse formation, synaptic transmission, synaptic plasticity, learning and memory, and various neurological disorders.

My mission and goal in this course is for you to have a great learning experience and to make sure that by the end of the course everyone loves neurobiology as much as I do. If I do my job well–not only will you love neurobiology but will be set up to do well in fourth year courses that cover neurobiology from a systems, molecular and cellular perspective.

Midterm 1 Discussion

Assessment Weighting

  • Three Online Quizzes 10%
  • Term Test 1 27%
  • Term Test 2 23%
  • Exam (Non-Cumulative) 40%

Flexible Grading

Your final grade will be adjusted automatically at the end of the course (i.e. although the weighting is currently 27% (TT1) and 23% (TT2), if you do better on one than the other, if you have written both, they will automatically be re-weighted in your favour so that the better test will be worth more). There is no need to ask for this adjustment, this will be applied to all students equitably who have written both term tests.


Missed Tests

Contact the office administration within 5 business days regarding missed tests. The missed test will be re-weighed across the other term test and final exam.

Past Lectures

Peruse last year’s lectures at your leisure! Access the videos and the PDFs given out in past years.

Online Textbook

Use this textbook as a compliment to the course’s material!